13 Popular Websites That Used To Look Like Crap

20 years ago today, the internet opened its doors to you and me and made the world a better place full of hilarious fail videos, less than hilarious memes, terrible music videos and cats.  April 30th, 1993 was the day CERN decided to make the technology behind the internet free to use for anyone and it literally changed the world.  Before then it was all pay to play and only super nerds were using it.  Afterwards, anyone could start a website and clearly just about everyone did.

To celebrate that, we hopped in the way back machine to take a look at how the internet started and what some of your favorite websites looked like when they first started bringing you news and laughs and porn, way back when.

1. Google

2. eBay

3. Facebook

4. Huffington Post

5. IGN

6. Netflix

7. Pornhub

8. Ask

9. Cracked

10. Youtube

11. CERN

12. Brazzers

13. Break