Whale Puke Going To Auction For $10,000

Apparently, when you’re stinkin’ rich, there’s a law that says you have to blow your money on stupid crap that you’d never buy if you were sane and poor. How else can you explain why the 1-percent of the economic ladder spends so much money on fish eggs and goose liver? If those don’t sound insane, then how about a pile of whale puke with a base price of $10,000? 

An auction house in Wales plan on selling a large chunk of whale vomit to the highest bidder. It comes from a man who found it on the beach while walking his dog and he’s expected to fetch at least $10,000 from one lucky buyer. Well, if you consider being able to take home a used whale “lucky.” 

And you thought the hairballs from your cat were gross.

These chunks of excreted whale waste often come with a high price tag. The ambergris in the whale vomit is often used to make expensive perfumes and can often fetch thousands of dollars when they go up for auction because of  its ability to make the fragrance stick to human skin longer than perfumes that don’t use the stinky ingredient. And here I thought I couldn’t be madder at those annoying perfume salesmen in malls who spray me in the face with the stuff whether I ask them to or not. 

Source: Washington Post