The First Images From The Wet Hot American Summer Sequel Are Here

After seeing Fury Road make it possible for a sequel to be good thirty years after it’s previous effort, the Wet Hot American Summer sequel-prequel (actually it’s an episodic series) has finally released a few images online and they are about what you would expect…which is a good thing. The original movie was released in 2001 and quickly became a cult classic after hitting DVD, which is tough to do for a comedy movie starring a cast of people not many had heard of. Sure, there was Amy Poehler and cast members of MTV’s The State, but only the really cool kids knew who those people were. The movie was weird, zany, completely random and hilarious. But will Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp hit the spot when it premieres 8 Netflix episodes on July 31st?

Check out the show’s images here:

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The 2001 movie took place on the first day of summer camp in 1981 and the series takes place on that summer’s first day of camp, hence the subtitle. I kind of wish the show stuck with the ending of the first movie in which it was a callback joke to everyone agreeing to meet again ten years later, but what can ya do.

[[contentId: 2859756| alt: | style: height:269px; width:510px]]

Points for getting now multi-Oscar nominated Bradley Cooper to return. He was easily the most unheard of name from the original, which tells me if he’s coming back, it was probably worth it. And I doubt that Netflix paycheck isn’t anything like the studios pay him. Not to mention the return of Paul Rudd and others. However, minus points for the lack of David Hyde Pierce, but maybe…hopefully he’s in there somewhere.

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