Westboro Baptist To Protest Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral But There Was One Problem

The Westboro Baptist organization won’t turn down any opportunity to be at a major media event exercising their freedom of speech, and Leonard Nimoy’s funeral on Sunday was just another protesting event for the infamous Church to happily attend. Unfortunately for the members of the hate-loving church, there was one major detail missing from their protesting plans.

Knowing the location of the funeral.

Their nod to William Shatner was regarding the fact that Shatner let his fans know he wouldn’t be able to attend the actor’s funeral due to a previous engagement in Florida for charity. Fans commented how Shatner should’ve cancelled for respect to his long time colleague, but maybe the two weren’t really that great of friends afterall. Regardless, Westboro had to cancel their protesting fun due to the funeral’s secrecy and that is pretty awesome.

So instead, the WBC had to do their protesting on twitter, where pretty much no one even notices the organization with a mere 7500 followers. Leonard Nimoy has over 1 million.

Sound the Price is Right loser horn. Live long and prosper, Nimoy fans.

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source: Inquisitr