Westboro Baptist Church Makes Awful-ly Funny Vines

What does a vile hate group need to help get its message out to the kids these days? A Vine account! Nothing gets your mass to the masses like some anti-social media. The Westboro Baptist Church known for picketing the funerals of American service men and women and their iconic “God Hates Fags” protest signs, has started posting some hate Vines. It’s like if Hitler had a Youtube channel or Kim Jung Un started Tweeting or your racist aunt spoke her mind at dinner. In other words complete insanity that is unintentionally funny. While we will never be able to win an argument with these lunatics at least we can laugh at how their deranged minds work. (Remember to turn the audio on if you dare, in the upper left of each Vine. Most of these are NSFL- Not Safe for Life.)

Recreating The 2004 Tsunami and Death of Thousands with The Kids

Many advertising firms, brands and companies frantically search for and hire a “social media expert,” whatever the hell that means, to try and crack the code of getting their message out there on The Internets via the power of social networks. They come prepared with graphs and charts on “what’s trending” and “what’s driving traffic and likes across platforms.” Blah, Blah, Blah, Web 2.0, Mark Zuckerberg’s anus.  Well take note brand managers! I think I’ve found someone with a proven track record to get noticed! Although before you give him a corner office and an iPad, you might want to consider having them telecommute as there might be bit of a human recourses – sexual harassment kerfuffle… make that any human being with a pulse would is going to be harassed. Otherwise there would be some screaming in the office break room with large multicolored signs stating  “God Hates Coffee Mate!”  “Who is coffee mating with!? That’s not natural!

God Loves Ace of Base

While their over the top homophobic message is complete garbage, I feel mature, well-adjusted people such as you guys can look at these Vines and laugh at how horrible human beings can be.
God Hates Cupcakes

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty Negotiates a Contract

God Hates Steve Jobs… here’s why…

The Westboro Christmas Album… luckily only released on Vine

The Minions Have a Message for You

Worst Ozzy Cover Song Ever

This Kid is the Next “Vine Celebrity”

Painting by Numbers: 666?

It seems like the whole Phelps family really has a lot of fun getting together and making little comedy skits. They just need to try more stunts and pranks where they get severely hurt.

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