Twitter’s 11 Best Reactions to Fred Phelps Dying

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Fred Phelps was an American pastor and lawyer who marched with Martin Luther King Jr and took on many civil rights cases in Kansas to achieve justice for those who had been discriminated aganst in the state.  And then one day everything went to hell after Phelps sued a court reporter for failing to have a transcript ready for one of his cases.  He had the woman declared a hostile witness, cross examined her for a week, repeatedly brought up her sexual history and referred to her as a slut, and promised to bring out witnesses to testify regarding her sexual perversions. 

As it happens, Phelps had talked to no witnesses and was using the trial as nothing more than a public way to air a vendetta against a woman who had barely wronged him.  He was disbarred from practicing law in Kansas.  By 1985 he was no longer allowed to practice law at all after making numerous false accusatons against federal judges. So for all the awful things Phelps was, he was also a poor, petty lawyer and a vindictive liar.

Phelps legacy then became his Westboro Baptist Church, an officially recognized hate group populated only by Phelps’s own family and close friends that is dedicated to anti-gay propaganda and protesting everything from military funerals to popular musicians, all of which they feel are evil and sinful.  They’re disgusting people– so awful that even the KKK will come out to prevent a WBC demonstration forcing the rest of us to stare in awe and wonder who to root for.  And now Fred Phelps is reportedly on his death bed.  How did the world react?  How do ya think?  Let’s see what Twitter had to say.








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