10 Items From Fred Phelps’ Estate Sale

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Mar. 20, 2014

Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church died Wednesday at the age of 84 of natural causes. Phelps and his church were best known for protesting American soldier’s funerals with signs boasting “God Hates Fags!” Now Phelps will find out for himself exactly what God’s position on gay equality is. Not only did Phelps leave behind a life filled with hate, he also left behind a house filled with stuff. And now Fred’s stuff can be your stuff! The Phelps family has already posted some of the items online for a quick estate sale.


A few markers and supplies for making protest signs; these have been sniffed a few times.

Cute Bear Collection

Sometimes Fred just needed a pal to hug.

NSYNC 2001 Doll Collectables

Would have pegged him as more of a Backstreet Boys fan, but as Fred wouldn’t say “to each his own.”

Shake Weight

Stay fit, because like they say, “Your body is your temple.” Also for some people, their cult compound is their temple.

Liberace Concert Program and Ticket Stubs

One thing Fred didn’t hate was music.


It’s good to see that even at his age Fred Phelps liked to keep active.

5 Tubs Crisco

Fred loved to bake after a long day hating on everyone.

Alex Rodriguez Baseball Card Collection

With the crack of a bat and the flying of the balls, Fred was a baseball man.

Bette Midler CD

Everyone loves "Beaches" but Fred loved her music too.

Autographed copy of “Breaking The Surface” by Greg Louganis

In his spare time Fred was really into deep diving.

William Sonoma Reversible Meat Tenderizer

Rumor has it Fred could cook a mean steak. A really mean steak.

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Mr_Tideman User

Phelps had the most extensive gay-porn stash west of the Mississippi River.  Matt Damon bought it faster than you could Jack Robinson.

Terry Spady
Terry Spady

It took me a min to remember who he was I would think he would pass everything down the grand kids from his compound

Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell

funny the same person is bidding on most of the stuff

treyert User

One man's meat tenderizer is Fred Phelps' butt plug. 

Shane Smith
Shane Smith

There's plenty of well-endowed men where he is

Kerry Collier
Kerry Collier

I don't think anyone should waste any more of their time on this miserable excuse of a human than they already have. i understand the sentiment and was tempted to do something like this.. but he's already invaded my life enough without making me waste my time to change noone's mind.

Brian Pierce
Brian Pierce

Maybe that P.O.S. should have shown others respect, then respect would be shown to him.

Carolyn Pike
Carolyn Pike

well get it on hes dead for only hours and u-r selling his stuff today respect is an issue here so shut the fu--up thank u

Bill Winters
Bill Winters

Here is the first image of his grave stone.

Kevin Collier
Kevin Collier

I want to stand at his funeral with the following sign: "lucky for Fred that god hates no one"

Claudio-Fagnano-893 User

Meat tenderizer looks too much like a butt plug. Not trying to be mean. It just looks like it. ;-)

Lee Aalderink
Lee Aalderink

I will keep my thoughts to myself about these so-called christians

Shane Smith
Shane Smith

Fred Phelps was a piece of shit. May he rot in his own personal hell.

Russell Hide
Russell Hide

Lipstick womens clothing ? Elton John records what ?

Danny-Ward-434 User

I am a Conservative Libertarian and while I do not believe you can or should force Churches to marry those against there objections or that of the States and I dont agree with Homosexuality I have never and will never hate or dislike a Homosexual just because I disagree with them. And this man and his "Church" preaches everything that Jesus stood against. Therefore in my eyes its no Church just some crazy people who got together that preach hate. And to do the things that they do to returning soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for us makes my blood boil to the point that if it happened while I was near it would be incredibly hard for me not to physically harm one.

CurTas UserTop Commenter

Why don't they auction off his wife as a toilet?

Rye_Encoke User

Picket his funeral and toss dildo's on his grave while blasting the Village People singing YMCA at top volume.  Or maybe have a couple hundred soldiers show up and give the casket a middle finger salute...the miserable bastard.


Yeah, this was stupid.  I'm surprised such a successful website doesn't have a better editor.  With that said, I really hope people picket outside of this dudes funeral.  Give them a taste of their own medicine.  

doneforfun User

Definitely thought butt plug at the end.

Mickels User

I wouldn't give that family a dime...also, I don't think that's a meat tenderizer...

MattP725 User

Guess this was supposed to be funny?

LostKeys User

@MattP725  I don't even know. You can see that the same person has the highest bid on all of these items. Perhaps someone at Break.com is alot more excited about t his stuff than we are.