Wendy’s Has Created ‘Baconator Fries’ Because Wendy Is An Evil Temptress

Have you found yourself sitting in a Wendy’s restaurant enjoy a Baconator sandwich and a pile of French fries and wishing that you didn’t have to do all that work to cram bacon and potatoes into your mouth? If you haven’t suffered a stroke yet, Wendy’s has a solution: Baconator Fries.

The fast food chain added the special item to their menu for a limited time probably because making it a regular item would constitute a federal weapons crime. Starting on June 29th, you’ll be able to pull into any Wendy’s, tell the person behind the counter that you want Baconator Fries and they won’t judge you because it’s on the menu and they’ll have to give it to you. The best part is the ladies seem to enjoy these fries about as much as the fellas!

Every order comes with a pile of fries covered with melted cheddar cheese, a layer of crumbled bacon and another layer of shredded cheese. If you pay them enough, you can probably have one of the employees feed you so you don’t waste any calories moving your arms to feed yourself.

This won’t be a permanent menu item and it’s not known how long it will be offered. We assume when bodies start dropping that Wendy’s will take it down from the menu. If that day comes and you find yourself missing them, you can just order a Baconator and fries and put them together the old fashioned way. At least you’ll also be exercising.