Did Two Brothers and Their Dad Run a Sheep Brothel?

We’ll start this story by saying it seems very hard to confirm if any of this is true.  The sources seem sketchy, but it is what it is, and the whole story would be sketchy even if it was in the Wall Street Journal so here it s – three men have been arrested for running a brothel in Swansea. The problem, beyond running a brothel, is that it was a sheep brothel.  A brothel entirely populated by sheep.

Is it hard to believe you could operate an entire brothel for nothing but sheep?  Yes, actually.  Sure, weirdos like sheep a little more than is healthy sometimes, but to make it an active business and, as the story says, keep it running for four straight years, seems like a stretch.

Apparently the brothers and their father ran The Ram Inn.  Go on, appreciate that pun.  They advertised the brothel on the Deep Web, that sordid part of the internet Google can never take you to.  On the site you could even book your favorite sheep and schedule the appointment because why not?  This all sounds plausible.

Poppa Sheep Pimp tried to throw his kids under the bus at the trial saying he knew there was a brothel, but that he didn’t have a hand in running it and took no money for it.  He’d also been previously convicted on the same charge.  One a sheep pimp, always a sheep pimp as grandmas used to say.

Some rooms in the Ram Inn reportedly had mirrored ceilings, which is at first hilariously awful until you start wondering what the purpose would be if you’re having sex with a sheep.  Can you do that if you’re lying down on your back looking up at the ceiling?  Is sheep sex a thing that can happen in that position?  That question is rhetorical, please never answer.

Another quote from the article says the conviction is the culmination of thousands of hours of police work.  Would it take four years and thousands of hours to shut down a sheep brothel?  This seems like a really obvious and easy to prosecute offense.  If you find the website advertising sheep sex, and then the establishment at which men are having sheep sex, you probably got your case wrapped up in less than 24 hours. 

So what do you think, is this story legit?  It’s found its way onto reddit, and backtracking it goes to a radio station and then from there to a site called linkbeef where it pretty much runs dry.  Linkbeef does, however, link you to another story about Rihanna farting in the bathtub, so it may not be the most reliable source of journalistic excellence on the web.

So with no definite answer we leave it up to you – is this nearly perfect story about Welsh sheep pimps too perfect to be true?  Is the world so devoid of ridiculous stories we need to make up sheep brothels to keep it interesting?  Come on now, people.