5 Weirdest “French Fries” Besides The Burger King Chicken Fries

There is something patriotic about Burger King bringing back the Chicken Fries. In case you are wondering, these are fries (get this) made of chicken. BK introduced them in 2012 for a limited time. However, much like McDonald’s celebrated McRib, the Chicken Fry received public demand for their return. And thus the King in all his creeptastic glory has bestowed this most ‘Merican of delicacies upon us once more. Chicken Fries are back!

While other BK menu items taste like moldy socks that a homeless man has been wearing for the past three years, the Chicken Fries hold a magical quality that is tough to pinpoint. How do I know what old moldy, homeless man socks taste like? Have you ever had the night shift Whopper with cheese? Then you’d know too.

If you’re like me, you love terrible food that is also easy to shovel in your mouth. So here for your gluttonous pleasure is a list of other strange french-fries from around the country! USA! USA! USA!

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Real eagles eat fries, not mice.

Hot Dog Fries

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Do you like eating your hot dogs with a side of fries? How about eating hot dogs that are fries? Good old Rachael Ray, “America’s MILF,” has a recipe that is sure to put a smile on your kids’ (and their cardiologist’s) face. Hot Dog Fries are hot dogs that (get this) have been fried. You just need some bread crumbs, eggs and oil. Sounds like my Saturday night.

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 Donut Fries

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Psycho Donuts, a donut shop in California, has created the ultimate ‘Merican concoction: Donut French Fries. These are fries that are (get this) made from donuts. Instead of ketchup or mayonnaise (anyone else love dunking their french-fries in mayo?) they offer mini tubs of raspberry sauce and donut glaze to dunk your fries in. Want so much.

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Amazing! Better shaped donuts to fit in your mouth.

Watermelon Fries

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The good folks at the Yerba Buena restaurant in New York City’s East Village have invented a unique french-fry; one made from watermelon! If you don’t object to eating at a place called Yerba Buena, then you can enjoy eating fried watermelon with ketchup. At least that’s one way to get some fruit.

Onion French Fries

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Ok this one is going to be controversial, but here me out. These are not onion rings or bloomin’ onions, these are onions in fry format. There is a difference, damn it! Essentially, Onion French Fries are made by taking an onion and cutting it into fries and frying them. I, for one, find this much more amiable to large quantity consumption. I always bite into an onion ring only to have the onion slither out and leave me holding a hollow fry-husk, which is in no way a perfect analogy for my life.

Apple Fries

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While you visit Legoland, not only will you be treated to things made out of small plastic blocks, but also fries made from apples. They claim to have invented apple fries by taking Granny Smith Apples and (get this) frying them. And you know it would rock if one of those smiling Lego men served a pile of apple fries to you.

BONUS: Kimchi Fries

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OK, so these are normal potato fries, but topped with amazing, awesomeness. They are flavored with Korean barbeque, topped with onions, pork belly, scallions melted cheddar cheeseand sour cream to create spicy fries that taste amazing going down and might burn your butt going out. Totally worth it though.

What types of fries do you like?

This lady is addicted to eating ONLY french-fries. Any other type of food completely repulses her. If you could, would you eat only french-fries the rest of your life?

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