5 Weird Trailers From Movies You Can Only Watch On Break

It’s all true. This week we’re launching a slew of movies you can watch for free on Break.com and we’re only getting started. Of course we have some really good ones like The Limey, Requiem for a Dream and Glengarry Glen Ross but let’s take a look at the really weird ones featuring cyborgs, ninja cheerleaders and even Nicolas Cage by checking out their bizarro trailers to get you pumped.

5. Cyborg Cop

Part Robocop, part Terminator, all Demolition Man. That’s the amazing tagline to Cyborg Cop, a film that is obviously a ripoff from those three classic movies, but it does have one advantage the other three don’t; it’s hilarious.

[[contentId: 2803237| ]]

4. Hercules In New York

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was Terminator or even Conan the Barbarian, he was the iconic Hercules…only the weird version. This movie is so bizarre, the filmmakers over-dubbed all of Arnold’s lines with some other voice. Apparently they didn’t realize how well-known the body builder’s accent would eventually become.

[[contentId: 2803774| ]]

3. Leprachaun IV: In Space

The wheels fell off the Leprechaun franchise long before the fourth installment (let alone when Leprechaun headed into “tha hood” not once, but twice later on) but it’s Leprechaun 4: In Space that is the real prize winner out of the bunch. Fun fact: This sequel started out as an Apollo 13 spoof. Why they didn’t stick with that premise is a damn shame.

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You can also watch the other Leprechaun sequels on Break as well, because you can’t ever have enough Leprechaun.

2. Cheerleader Ninjas

“High kicks. Low IQ’s.” The tagline doesn’t nearly do justice to this 2002 “comedy” where a bunch of high school cheerleaders are not only proficient in martial arts, but also have to stop an evil mastermind from spreading his Internet Zombie Domination software. Let that last part sink in for a moment.

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1. Zandalee

This is probably the only Nicolas Cage movie you haven’t seen, let alone, knew existed at all. Not only does this movie deliver the kind of Cage performance you’d hope for, but it also stars Judge Reinhold as a badass for the first (and maybe only) time in his film career. Add the fact that this movie also stars Steve Buscemi and we have a trifecta of actors that, frankly, should have made the earth cave in on itself.

[[contentId: 2803241| ]]

Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t have this moment.

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So cancel your appointments and check out the full list of movies you can now watch on Break today. Covering yourself in black paint while you do so is optional.