8 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Prince Stories Ever

Now that the world has had a minute to wrap their heads around one of the music industry’s biggest rock icons (and also one of the more bizarringly unique and eccentric characters in popular culture), many people will be writing about how great his songs were, his lyrics and even his fashion. But let’s look back on some of the more interesting if not just fucking weird stories ever told by celebrities who had a chance to meet the entity we call “Prince”.

1. Prince’s invitation to go roller skating with Questlove.

Prince loved many things outside of music, including strapping on some roller skates. But it was also the roller skates themselves that really blew Questlove away. “He clicked the lock and opened it, and took out the strangest, most singular pair of roller skates I had ever seen. They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path … He took them out and did a big lap around the rink. Man. He could skate like he could sing.”

2. Prince was cocky when it came to Ping Pong, especially to Michael Jackson.

Prince clearly loved to win, especially against the King of Pop during games of ping pong. So much so that Jackson once quit playing because Prince kept slamming the ping pong in Michael Jackson’s direction. And when Jackson finally gave in and quit the game, Prince walked around like a rooster saying “Did you see that?! He played like Helen Keller!”

3. Prince doesn’t want you to see him pushing out his room service cart.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell admittedly says he never officially met Prince, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a hilarious encounter with him. When staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, he saw one of the doors open and there was Prince shirtless with a purple headband around his head. He was struggling to push his room service cart past the door frame when he noticed Cornell approaching down the hall. This made Prince struggle harder so he could hide back in his room without saying hello. Visualize that for a minute.

Hear Cornell’s hilarious story here:

4. Prince left Dave Grohl with jamming blue balls.

Dave Grohl went to see Prince perform live in Los Angeles and Prince’s “people” passed along the message that he would like to meet Grohl and jam with him before the show. They ended up playing together and rocked out to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. The jam sesh ended with Prince asking what Grohl was up to the next week, and if he’d like to jam again. Grohl wanted nothing more than to jam with Prince again, an artist he said is the most talented musician he’s ever seen. And like a teenager hoping they’d be called again for a second date, Prince never called Grohl back. Grohl never jammed with Prince ever again.

See Dave tell the story here:

5. Prince had Kevin Smith make a documentary about him…one you’ll never see.

There’s really no way to preface this story because it’s so damn long but so damn good. Enjoy!

6. Charlie Murphy’s encounter with Prince…on a basketball court.

Turns out Prince is one helluva basketball player. It’s true! And one of the more famous sketches in the history of television showcased that fact by Charlie Murphy which aired on Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show in the early 2000’s. You remember the sketch and what better time to revisit this glorious scenario than right now.

Pardon the quality, YouTube copyright ‘n all.

7. Prince had an encounter with Charlie Murphy after that sketch aired, and it’s perfect.

Sure, you’ve seen that Chappelle Show sketch a few times but what did Prince say after it aired?! Good question! Murphy and some of his friends had a chance meeting with Prince years later during one of the singer’s concerts, literally during Prince’s performance. Prince was jamming on his guitar, walking around the crowd and came face to face with Charlie Murphy. The best part is Prince totally remembered the story Murphy told which became THE most popular Prince story ever.

8. Prince had a burglar…and that burglar was Ke$ha. Here’s how THAT went down.

Let’s end this list on a highlight showcasing how fucking cool and chill Prince really was at times. Ke$ha was on The Tonight Show with one interesting story involving Prince and her need to break into his home to give him her demo. Did he freak out? Did he call the cops? Not at all. Dude was as cool as a cucumber.