Strange And Awesome Stocking Stuffers For When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

Getting creative with a stocking stuffer can be difficult, but your pals here at Break have sailed the Seven Seas in search of the ones that will really stand out. Sure, they might not be the most practical things you’ll encounter this season, but does anyone really want another pair of socks?


For those who can’t get enough bacon, what is more festive than a bacon microwave cooker? Peace on earth is one thing to wish for, but a lot of people would probably settle for more bacon.


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Forget egg nog – we are thinking let’s get a little wild. Ranch dressing, pumpkin pie or yes good old bacon are even better when they are soda. And by “better” we mean they sound absolutely horrifying.


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Someone on your list like it hot? This fiery powder might burn a hole through the stocking.

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Because a 25 pound gummy python isn’t enough, why not get them a 26 pound gummy python? You’ll likely need a very strong stocking to hold all that sugar.

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Personally we’d prefer an actual pizza, but for true gummy fans this might be even better.


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Whatever you may feel about the Second Amendment, only a real curmudgeon could dislike a rubber band gun that can fire 10 shots.


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If the rubber band gun is a bit too much, you can always go a bit more mellow. A marshmallow bow set is likely to cause fewer injuries.

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Nothing says Christmas quite like hip hop cookie stamps. Tupac isn’t really dead after all – he just went undercover with the Keebler cookie elves.


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If cookies are a big part of your stocking stuffer plans, you might want to include this cool cookie spoon.



We will come full circle as we close with what was clearly the main theme of our guide — bacon is both delicious and practical.


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