Can You Guess What The Weird Al Version Of Lorde's 'Royals' Is?

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 16, 2014

Weird Al is on a roll this week releasing one new music video from his album Mandatory Fun every day and today is no exception. After Monday's 'Tacky', a take on Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' and yesterday's 'Word Crimes' parody of 'Blurred Lines', today we have his take on Lorde's 'Royals' titled 'FOIL'. That's right, an ode to why foil is better than plastic wrap, doggy bags and whatever else you could possibly use besides the superior packaging method.

Semi-Spoiler: I'm enjoying the cameos Al is getting with these videos much like 'Tacky' and 'Foil' has three pretty good ones. Not that they do much other than stand there, but still cool nonetheless with appearances from Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. The latter two mostly known from Reno 911, or as the more mature crowd remembers, MTV's The State.

What parodies could Weird Al possibly have in store for us the rest of this week. He's releasing 5 more music videos and it's really up in the air what they will be. I think we should really start a betting pool. Who's in?!


Aaron-Baker-277 User

I hate this guy. It is annoying to listen to. I can come up with better parodies of songs all day long than him. Changing lyrics are extremely easy for me. I don't see why in any way he made the lyric choices he did, they are super cheesy and not even funny at all.

DressUpYourPet User

Jack osborne?  the boys gone downhill!  also how does weird al make money giving away his crappy songs for free?  What fool would buy em?  

Teknopuls3 User

HAHA...I dont own a single album or song of his...but the dude is a master! 

Joe-Joint-639 User

That was GREAT! Genius Weird Al, absolutely genius.

Adam-Campbell-257 User

brings back memory's of when i was a kid listening to his music

Nord20 User

Weird Al....gotta love it.

djvexd User

Well..that escalated quickly.