Weird Al Parodies ‘Happy’ With A Cameo-Filled Music Video

Weird Al is going out with a bang.

Recently, he announced that he’s making his FINAL album entitled Mandatory Fun (released July 15th), mainly because his record contract will be up. But he also hinted at going the Prince route with digital distribution in the future so he can be more quick with his topical parodies and such. 

Either way, this is kind of a fun way to release an album.

Yesterday, Al tweeted that he will be releasing one new video per day this week, starting today!

And he really kicked it off with a pretty good bang. Here’s the cameo-filled video for his track “Tacky”, a more than decent parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. It’s good to see Weird Al again, I have to say. Enjoy!

[[contentId: 2657863| | size: 100]]

What the other music videos are, we aren’t sure yet, he seems to be keeping it a surprise for the moment. But you can bet we’ll post them on Break because if this IS Weird Al’s last album, we want to be there to send it off at least.