Weed Dealer Accidentally Texts Dude’s Mother, Recovers Like A Pro

Texting something private to the wrong person can be a little nerve-racking, especially if it could get you or your friends in trouble. Add the fact that your text is about buying weed and you just sent it to someone’s mom, well that could just get real messy for everyone. Mothers think weed is bad, or at least that’s what they tried to teach us before we grew up.

A weed dealer was attempting to text a client to see if their doobie prescription needed a refill only instead of contacting their client, they accidentally messaged the person’s mother. Unfortunately the message delivered just fine and the mother responded in no time. Ah, shit.

On one hand, who cares, this isn’t YOUR mother. But on the other hand, this is the mother of a client who probably pays you monthly for your services so you’d really hate to lose that kind of pocket change.

Woody’s accidentally texted a few moms in his day.

So how the hell did they accidentally text the mom instead of their client? Apparently the client and their mother had switched phones/phone numbers, leading to this more than sitcom-ish dilemma. We just assume it was because the son had a flip phone and the mother wasn’t really into her iPhone 7.

However this weed dealer followed Weed Dealer Protocol perfectly when the mom responded asking what the hell the guy was talking about when he wrote “Need bud?”

Listen, we didn’t say it was a brilliant response but when you’re probably high af, this was a pretty solid save. Of course our favorite part is when he decided to add the bonus “I heard he lonely af” which was greeted with a silent reply. The mother probably realized there was just no point in replying (especially in the first damn place) because she too was probably stoned shortly after finding her son’s stash.

Either way, let this be a reminder to never switch phones with your mother. Because God only knows what kind of texts her kid is getting at this point. We shudder to think about it.

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