6 Weddings That Had To Be Shut Down By The Cops

In Kevin Hart’s new movie The Wedding Ringerin theaters Friday, he plays a best man for hire that gives Josh Gad a bachelor party and a wedding he won’t forget. In honor of the movie’s release here are 6 Weddings That Had To Be Shut Down By The Cops.

1. Woman meets man of her dreams. Man goes on to grope female catering staff. Fight breaks out when catering woman’s boyfriend shows up.

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2. Your wedding reception is so loud, you actually have police waiting for your guests to leave so they can arrest everyone on drunk driving charges.

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3. A wedding is a day to be remembered. Especially if the military shows up to arrest the groom.

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4. A shotgun wedding literally becomes a shotgun wedding.

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5. A wedding fight so huge, the police aren’t sure who to arrest.

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6. But nothing compares to this brawl between TWO wedding parties where even the Bride gets punched in the face.

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So remember, when planning that magical day, make sure to budget enough bail money.

Make sure to see The Wedding Ringer in theaters January 16th, 2015.

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