A Wedding Party Took This Amazing Pic During The Making Of ‘Dark Knight Rises’

It’s not every day you get married. It’s also not every day that your wedding is taking place near the filming of a huge blockbuster like The Dark Knight Rises.

A moment captured shows a wedding party walking near the filming of the Dark Knight sequel where, Tom Hardy in full Bane wardrobe, broke character to wave at the bridal party in their bridesmaids dresses. You can even see one of the women waving back.

Posted onto Reddit this morning, there are literally no details regarding the photograph other than Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is listed as Gotham City’s main shooting location. From the looks of the picture, my guess is it was this scene where Bane asks Gotham’s prisoner’s to take the city back from the corrupt. Maybe one of the best scenes in the movie.

I thought Tom Hardy was pretty cool before, but this just took him up a notch. Since Hardy pulled off Bane much better than anyone could’ve guessed, I’ll be looking forward to seeing his version of Mad Max which gets a May 15, 2015 release.

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