Finally Someone Made A Website To Order Panera Bread While Listening To Pantera

This story is going to make you want to Walk to your nearest Panera Bread or at least sit down at your computer and order a few Ciabattas From Hell!

As a metal fan I have been making this dumb joke for years. Every time I go to Panera Bread for a delicious chili bread bowl, I’m like; “It should be called PANTERA Bread, am I right?! That would be metal! #RIPDimebag.”

Toast my bread for all it’s worth, every inch of honey wheat.

The internet has bestowed us with lots of Pantera/Panera Bread memes; after all you can’t head bang on an empty stomach.  If you have never been, you should try some Pantera Bread; they are not trying to Reinvent the Sourdough.

I’m breaded!

Well now someone has finally made a Vulgar Display of Flour and created  Using the actual Panera Bread website you can place an order for some Freshly Hostile paninis all while listening to the shredding sounds of Pantera!

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Source: Metal Injection