Website Offers Nostalgic Television From The 90’s

I know we’re all about 90’s nostalgia these days, almost to a point where it’s a disease, but this is actually something a little bit cooler than some TV show reunion or NIKE putting out Back to the Future II shoes. There’s a website where you can literally watch television as you probably did as a kid, complete with a remote control for you to change the channels. All you need is a glass of chocolate milk and some pajamas.

“My 90’s TV!” displaying a commercial ad for USA’s Tekwar: The Series.

If you’re a little bit older, that’s okay because they also have a My 80’s TV! category as well as a My 70’s TV! category. It really feels like you’ve gone back in time, especially when they show bumper ads to random news programs and movie trailers that once played on TV. You can also select from the different years of whichever decade if you’re looking for a more era specific feeling. People like to rag on nostalgia, but if it brings on a good feeling without the aid of medication for a time that was purely fun, I’m all for it.

But I warn you, you’ll probably get lost watching this thing as you relive music videos, car commercials and cartoons. This is just too good.

Relive 90’s, 80’s or even 70’s television by visiting the site HERE. And get that bowl of cereal ready.

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