Restaurant Turns Dumb Graffiti Into Gallery Art By Trolling The Artist With This

Being a restaurant owner I’m sure has a few perks, but overall it must suck especially when you get a patron who just feels like drawing a little bit of graffiti on your blank walls because, hey, the guy is an artist! After this restaurant in Washington spotted the random art/message “Weapon Of Christ” written in sharpie on his bright red walls, he decided to not simply paint over the graffiti, but to actually accentuate it with a fancy gallery-style plaque.

By the use of a well-written plaque stating the art’s title, measurements and description, the dumb graffiti now looks like high art, possibly by a famous artist! But upon closer look, the restaurant’s management completely trolled the guy by calling him out on how dumb he (and his work) really is. Their first step was titling the piece with “I Lack Creativity”. Hilarious.

My favorite line: “Anon makes a fascinating plea to the retard human evolution.” Frankly, I think they could’ve gone a little tougher on the guy but then again, they are trying to take the high, much classier, road afterall. Weapons of Christ usually refers to instruments of passion or objects associated with Christian symbolism and art (crown of thorns, cross). But I guess the artist got the Pentagram confused with something else. Or maybe that’s just his terrible band name.