We Used Science To Map Out The Farts At Comic-Con

Comic con can get smelly. When you take 100 thousand nerds and put them all in one place in the hot humid San Diego summer things will inevitably get smelly. While Comic-Con has made an art out of throwing the worlds largest fan convention they still haven’t quite mastered how to make human smells dissapate. This year I took a hydrogen sulfide (the gas that makes farts smell) detector and hit the con to create a map of just where the worst fart smells were.

Before hitting the main floor I stopped by Nerdist’s Camp Conival. This separate free con had it’s own panels and booths. Because camp conival is set up on the open air mezzanine of the Padre’s stadium I’m happy to report it was a fart free zone.

After this pit stop i headed over to the SDCC floor where I’d find the farts i had been looking for.  After walking the floor and taking my samples on the detector I reached a solid understanding of where the farts were at comic con. We’ve marked the spots with fitting brown on the map below.

Now the people who run comic con do a great job of keeping the con well ventinlated and air conditioned. But even the best sometimes fail. 

Any areas where people congregated for too long slightly registered on our detector. Areas around the restrooms were surprisingly fart free. But the tightly packed lanes surrounding small artist’s areas did have a lingering funk in the air.  

Ground zero for farts was the Marvel booth.

This constantly packed booth featured some of the biggest announcements and celeb sightings and the near constant crowd in front of it was a hot bed for butt stench at the con. With each body standing still the stench slowly rose. 

I’m reasonably sure someone farted directly on me as I almost vomited when I smelled the main fart. That’s right ,there was a main fart, one so strong it separated itself out from all the others. This was during the Agents of Shield signing which amassed an enormous crowd in front of the Marvel booth. It was one week ago and honestly I can still taste the fart.

After walking the floor I have to say, with the main fart aside, I was truly impressed with just how fart free the overal Comic-con experience was. But it was 85 degrees with 74% humidity in San Diego during Comic-Con. Was Comic-con relatively fart free? Yes. Was it body odor free? Dear God no.