We Have A New Commenting System?!?!

Earlier this year, we made a minor change to the comments system. We changed the default view of the comments stream to “Most Popular” and asked you to upvote and downvote comments. The whole goal of that was to spur better conversations by moving the funniest and most meaningful comments up and pushing the tired drivel down. It was always a stopgap measure for us. We knew that bigger changes were coming, and, now, they’re here.

We have installed a new commenting system that is going to put more power in your hands. As a community, you are going to be able to collectively decide whether something deserves to be removed from the comments stream. You’ll be able to flag a comment as spam, offensive, or off-topic, and as more of you flag comments with those indicators, those flags will have real effects from the simple deletion of a comment to the removal of a spammer’s account from Break.

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There are some cool, new features that we’re excited about. You won’t have to wonder whether someone has responded to your comment, anymore. You should see new comments appear in real-time on the page. Additionally, you can choose to receive an email whenever someone likes or responds to your comment. It’s perfect for those flame wars you hate to leave. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can even change your settings to receive an email whenever anyone comments on a conversation you’re “following.” Go to your profile, scroll down to comment notifications, and set your comment preferences now. 

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We’ve added the ability to format text and post pictures and videos in comments. It’s not a groundbreaking move, but it’s one that we think will allow you to have a little more fun in the comments. Be responsible. You know if the comments get filled with porn, we’re going to turn the feature off, so just don’t do it. Another feature we think is interesting is the ability to post your comment on a video directly to Twitter or Facebook so that you can share that witty… or “witty”… comment you made with your friends.

That’s just the first of many updates we’re rolling out. Some of them you’ll notice as soon as they happen. Others you may never notice. The goal for all of these changes and updates to the site is to make Break a better place to hang out. Thanks for spending your time with us, and try out the new comments system. As always feel free to let us know what you like or don’t like about things (we already know that many of you dislike all the white space in the comments). Consider the comments section on this page an open thread to complain about or praise the new comments system.

-Earnest (follow me on twitter @earnestp)