Potts: America’s Newest Weapon Is From The Future

The Navy released a video of a laser shooting a drone out of the sky. Was this footage from the future? HELL NO. This footage is from the NOW (actually, probably from a week or so ago).

Your first question probably is, “Yo, Mark. First, it’s so cool you’re constantly banging models. I wish I could be you. But onto my question: why isn’t this in HD and silent?” And my answer would be that the Navy’s millions of dollars doesn’t go to lame shit like high definition and sound. IT GOES TO LASERS!

This is the future! We’re in it! We can’t be far off from this!

And hell, if we can combine laser technology and ocular implants, then you know what we could have?

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There’s so much America in here that I literally just came red, white, and blue (I probably need to see a doctor).

Oh, North Korea. You have hovercrafts? That’s cool. Welcome to your future:

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– Mark (follow my tweets)