5 Other Trademarks That Should Be Canceled Besides The Washington Redskins!

The Washington Redskins football team may be looking for a new mascot soon if the United States Patent and Trademark Office has its way. The Patent office canceled the Redskins’ trademark reasoning that it was “disparaging to Native Americans.” This is the second time that the 82 year old ball club has had a legal fight with the patent office challenging the Redskin trademark.

The latest legal battle came after five Native Americans filed a complaint with the Trademark Trail and Appeal Board. The ruling does not immediately force the team to change its name, but does affect if the team and the NFL can make money from merchandize with the Redskins name and logo. So no worries, they can keep the name but can’t make money from it; thus I’m guessing they will change the name! While the use of the name “Redskins” has been debated for decades, this brings up the issue of other trademarks that are getting away with possibly racist or offensive trademarks. So should these trademarks be denied or is this the evil work of communists? I’m just asking QUESTIONS, it’s up to you to decide!  

#1. Cooking With Pooh

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Winnie The Pooh has been teaching children the “joys” of coprophagia for years. But is it time to wipe that shit eating grin off his face and take the trademark to the Pooh franchise away?

#2. Spic & Span

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Come on, its 2014, do we really think these two are the only ones to keep us clean? The people at Spic & Span must be shitting themselves over the Redskins trademark loss. What is a better name for “Spic and Span?”

#3. Whites Only

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Do we really want a product trademark with such a narrow target market?

#4. Souplantation

[[contentId: 2625775| alt: | style: height:423px; width:600px]]

Does the name Souplantation seem similar to Slave Plantation to you? No? How about The Soup Gulag? Should the delicious soup and salad bar restaurant rethink its branding?

#5. Asian Helper

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Asian Helper? What’s wrong with this one? I’m just asking!

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