D.C. Judge Orders Man To Stop Smoking In The Privacy Of His Own Home

In Washington D.C., Edwin Gray, a man who enjoys the privacy of his own home like any one of us has been ordered by a court to enjoy it a little less. A judge has ruled that Gray is no longer allowed to smoke cigarettes or marijuana inside the comfort of his house. The issue wasn’t so much what Gray was smoking (marijuana is legal in D.C.), it’s the fact that it was bothering his neighbors who claim the smoke was coming through a hole in their basement and causing annoyance. Local real estate attorney Benny Kass is calling it a “Private Nuisance” and it’s becoming a big deal if you cause it.

Is a homeowner’s hole in their basement really the concern of the next door neighbor? Apparently!

Gray’s family will continue to fight the ruling deeming that it’s just ridiculous. If you can’t smoke whatever legal substance you’d like in the privacy of your own home and not bother people, where can you smoke it. But this isn’t he worst part of the story.

In addition to the injunction, the family who filed the complaint is seeking $500,000 in damages. Let’s hope the case gets a different judge before that verdict is met. Note to self: Never move to Washington D.C. 

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source: WTHR