WB Has Stopped Production On ‘General Lee’ Toys Because Of Its Confederate Flag

Remember when you would take toy cars and literally destroy them in the backyard as a kid? Well one toy car that was practically invented so it could be destroyed over and over again will no longer be on the market thanks to Warner Bros decision to hault it’s production any further. The General Lee from the hit 70’s show The Dukes of Hazzard will no longer be available for purchase after the current run of toys are finally sold. Why? Because of that damn Confederate Flag on its roof.

Who are they even running from??

Following the same path made by Amazon, Sears, Ebay and Walmart (that’s right, even Walmart isn’t going to sell Confederate flags anymore), Warner Bros. is getting in on the “why the f*ck do we still have this flag around” campaign.

In 2002, Warner Bros was asked if they would continue selling the toy with a flag that does promote the south (and it’s connotations, good or bad) stating they weren’t at all planning on removing the emblem. But now, since the Charleston Shooting in South Carolina, everyone’s tune has begun to finally change. Shame we don’t see more pictures of people holding Confederate flags while helping old ladies cross the street.

“‘We were not and are not planning to change design of the General Lee on merchandise,’ the company said at the time, after a Tomy sales representative reportedly indicated production would cease in 2013.”

Now whether or not Warner Bros will eventually continue to sell General Lee toys without the Confederate flag, it’s not clear. Either way it just kinda sucks because that was the Dukes’ only weapon really–how will they defeat Boss Hog now??  But in all seriousness, it seems that removing the Confederate Flag is the least of our worries when it comes to mass shootings, know what I mean? But I guess it’s a step in somewhat the right direction.