Are You Happy Or Sad We’re Not Having A Winter Like This?

Word has it this may prove to be the record warmest Christmas in living history with high temperatures dominating much of the east coast and throughout the Midwest.  But we’re not here to debate the merits of climate change (because it’s real and requires as much debate as the existence of clam chowder), instead we’re here to remind you of what could have been!  Remember, a cold, frosty Christmas isn’t always a good thing.

Not the apocalypse, just an ice storm.


Hey look, a stop sign!


Everything has a delicious frosty coating!


It’s like Tim Burton designed winter here.

Glazed like Krispy Kreme!


Old timey ice vs telephone lines!


Glass, ice, whatever fits in the back.


You should never need a hammer to start the car.

Not so sure that shovel is going to help.

At least you can still read the signs.


Would hate to be the guy who has to shovel that road.



Dig, dig your way home.



This may affect your insurance.


It’s so pointy!


Yeah, that’s Niagra Falls frozen in place.  This warm weather ain’t so bad, huh?