Walmart Tricked Into Selling PS4s for Less Than $100

The holidays are coming up and that means the stores will try to entice you with all sorts of sweet deals in the hopes of causing a deadly stampede that packs their franchises and gets them free publicity on the evening news. Walmart is promising their customers that they will match any price their customers find and some have been using to score a sweet deal on a Sony PlayStation 4. 


Earlier this month, the massive retail chain that will one day enslave all of humanity started a “price-match promotion” promising that they could offer lower rates with their online competitors like There’s a contingency that Walmart didn’t plan for before they concocted their promotion. Amazon lets any user create their own retail space whether they have merchandise to sell or not so some set up fake pages advertising things like PS4 for prices below $100. When Twitter and Facebook users started posting photos of the phony Amazon pages, Walmart made good on their promise and matched their $90 prices for competitor sales that didn’t exist. By the time Walmart figured out what happened, they had already shipped the units to customers who are indeed going to have a very merry Christmas. 


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Some of the customers who convinced Walmart to let their precious PS4s go out the door for well below 70 percent of the retail price even posted a picture of their prized PlayStations with the receipt proving how much they paid for it. Considering the fact that Walmart has an army of legal ninjas at their disposal, they should just save themselves the time and rename the files of those photos as “People’s Exhibit A.”