Walmart Thought Selling “Fat Girl Costumes” Was a Good Idea

Halloween is less than a week away and if you haven’t gotten your costume by now, it’s only going to get harder the longer you wait. Chances are by now that even if you manage to find the costume that you want, it won’t be in your size. And in some cases, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because no one wants to see a skin-tight, plus-size Spider Man. 

The big box retail stores are notorious for trying to cater to these last minute shoppers by cramming their locations with a huge stockpile of Halloween goodies. Apparently, Walmart decided to do their Halloween preparations at the last minute as well because they had a section on their website for “fat girls.” That’s not an offensive euphemism towards one of their key demographics. That’s a direct quote. 

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Happy Halloween!

One of the section of Walmart’s online costume shop had a special section literally called “fat girl costumes.” All of the individual items were described as “plus size” but the entire section itself was labeled for “fat girls.” We said “had” because Walmart already realized their mistake and had the section renamed but if you search “fat girl costumes” on the website, it will still take you to the plus-size female section. 

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They really didn’t even need the section in the first place. If you buy your entire wardrobe from Walmart, then technically you’re already wearing a costume whether it’s Halloween or not.