Walmart Says Tracy Morgan Should Have Been Wearing A Seat Belt When They Hit Him

Wal-Mart may sell the best salsa, but they’re really lacking in the compassion department.

Last July, one of their trucks greeted the back of Tracy Morgan’s limo bus, killing the comedian’s long-time friend and mentor while severely injuring Morgan and three others. Now the company has responded to Morgan’s legal suit by claiming it’s his own fault because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

And what was he doing traveling by car anyway? Where do these celebrities get off?



I can’t believe a massive chain of stores that destroys everything in its path would behave in such a way.

Morgan’s suit alleges negligence on Walmart’s part for allowing their truck driver to work for more than 24 hours without sleep. Walmart contends that they have no control over how long their employee was driving even though those Blake Shelton albums aren’t going to stock themselves.

This is a much different tune from Walmart’s original statement, when the claimed it would “take full responsibility” if its truck was to blame for the crash. Seeing as the truck rear-ended Morgan’s vehicle while it sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I’d say the truck is to blame.

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Whether or not the plaintiffs were wearing seat belts is totally irrelevant in this case. Not to mention, laughable and insulting. Morgan and his friends suffered great losses that night through no fault of their own.

Lawyers for Walmart have asked Morgan and the other plaintiffs how much they are seeking in damages. This suggests that they will attempt to settle out of court. I hope they take them for all their worth and make them throw in a few Xboxes while they’re at it. (Source)