Good News For Walking Dead Fans

AMC’s the Walking Dead is another show in a long line of movies and television that prove, for the most part, we’re all happy to be sci-fi/fantasy/horror nerds.  The success of it and movies like The Avengers, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter mean that the majority of people are actually the ones who thought they were a minority back in highschool and nerdism is strong and widespread.  Good for you!

That being said, the popularity of the zombie show is so strong they’re actually introducing a spin off next season called Fear the Walking Dead that is, ostensibly, the exact same show but just on the other side of the country with a new cast.  Really the only difference is that they’re going to cover the early days of the zombie apocalypse which The Walking Dead skipped.  So by season 2 it’ll be the exact same show.  And probably millions of people will watch it and gripe about who they hate in the cast, just like they do with Walking Dead (looking at you, corpses of Lori and Andrea).

So with two shows that are basically the same, just how long can AMC ride this horse to glory?  According to creator Robert Kirkman, possibly forever.  Kirkman, a big fan of his own show and probably the money he’s making these days, says they have stories plotted out for the Walking Dead through season 12 so far.  Season 6 premieres this October.  So they’ve already doubled down on paper. He knows how he wants to end the show, but what happens in between can go on for quite a while, it seems.

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The show borrows a lot of story from the comic, which Kirkman also handles, but doesn’t outright follow the same stories and, in fact, diverges from them frequently.  For instance, the most popular character on the show is Darryl and that cat isn’t even in the comics, not to mention huge differences between characters like The Governor or Tyreese between the two mediums.

So if they have potential storylines mapped out for the 2021 TV season, where exactly is this show going?  Just how long and in how many ways can you wander Georgia stabbing slow moving bags of rotting flesh in the face and stealthily avoiding death at the hands of roving packs of psychopaths?

We tried to come up with a few ideas ourselves – maybe Kirkman and crew already thought of these, or maybe we’re plotting season 13, who knows?  In any event, if anyone at AMC reads this, feel free to use these ideas.  Consider them a gift for all the hours of entertainment Rick and his ever-dwindling band of followers provide.

  • Carl falls in love with a beautiful zombie girl, but parents on both sides hate the relationship.  It’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet.
  • Former cast members start returning as comic-relief ghosts.  If zombies can be real, so can ghosts.  Welcome back, T-Dog!
  • Rick and crew find a mad scientist whose been using surgical procedures and meat glue (it’s a real thing) to make giant, super zombies.  Don’t act like you don’t want to see a giant, super zombie with 8 arms and 3 heads.
  • The cast try to take sanctuary in a zoo only to find that the disease has mutated and now affects animals.  Enter zombie gorillas, zombie tigers and a zombie giraffe.
  • Miles from anywhere the cast find a Mad Max style town where humanity has crumbled to the most depraved levels imaginable.  Thunderdome zombie fights and zombie brothels for all!
  • Out in the woods, Daryl is about to kill a random Walker when it speaks to him.  It says its name is Jim.  It wants to eat him but at the same time doesn’t. Is there any way he can help.
  • Rick and crew start life in a new, secure place and things seem good for a long while, until attacks by zombies change.  The strikes against the wall aren’t random, they’re calculated and intentional.  The zombies are organized.  They have a leader.
  • Searching for supplies in a ghost town,  the crew find a HAM radio and pick up a signal from a group of others in a small, isolated town that has no idea what’s going on.  Two years in and they don’t know what happened to the rest of the world, but they’ve never even seen a zombie.  But why?
  • Zombie Beyonce.
  • Rick wakes up in the hospital.  The entire zombie apocalypse was a fever dream brought on by an illness.  Blood poisoning.  He got it from a vampire bite.

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