Wal-Mart Hopes To Deliver To Customers By Drone In The Near Future

Wal-Mart says they want you to save money and live better. And by live better, they actually mean “don’t leave the house because a drone is coming your way with anything you might desire”. The real question however is are those things strong enough to carry that many $5 discount DVD’s? Seriously, the best part of Wal-Mart are those bins, am-I-right.

The mega shopping center has announced that they’re getting in on the drone game, just like Amazon, only the benefit of having a drone come from Wal-Mart is a much speedier service considering most stores are located within five miles of areas that make up 70% of the US population. That’s gonna be a lot of groceries flying overhead. And by groceries we mainly mean Mountain Dew.

We’ll see if the U.S. regulators office will allow Wal-Mart to fully start testing these drones after they submitted the proper forms just today but I have a feeling that if anyone can get it passed, it’s Wal-Mart. They were the only chain to carry the exclusive Scott Stapp solo album in 2013 afterall.

So if you hate going to Wal-Mart as much as anyone else, maybe we won’t have to deal with those packed parking lots, or worse, the elderly greeters for much longer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an old Scott Stapp CD to dust off.