Is This Description A Waiter Gave A Couple On Their Restaurant Receipt Racist?

When you’re the “odd man out” so to speak, you pretty much hope you’re blending in just like anyone else, going unnoticed. Which is what makes this description on an African American couple’s drink receipt at least a little racist because the waiter isn’t describing them as anything but their race. Remember, if you make it about race, don’t blame the other guy for making it about race too.

After a couple finished having a nice cocktail at Patrick’s Westport Grill in St. Louis, MO, they realized they really have only one thing separating them from the other waiter’s tables; they were black.

Now, sure, on one hand you could say everyone chill out. It’s not like the waiter called them anything derogatory or insulting. But on the other hand, being someone from the St. Louis area, Westport is a predominantly white area. So going out for dinner, you hope you’re not seen as “the black couple” on any occasion, let alone described as such on your dinner receipt. Unfortuantely Casey R. didn’t know any better.

Race arguement aside, Casey R. made one other error that left his manager scratching his head. Note how the total doesn’t add up. $6.50 for a drink, 61 cent tax added which makes the total…$8.61? The employee later said the charge was for a double shot of liquor and not a single.

The manager of Patrick’s Westport Grill making a public apology and actually fired Casey R. after the recepit was posted online. Maybe the kid was ignorant and didn’t realize she should have described the customer by their shirts instead.

Maybe she also mis-calculated the total because she’s not a simple math wiz, but it goes to show you that you should use your brains. Do I think she should have been fired? If intentionally trying to be ignorant, sure. Otherwise it seems like it was just a dumb mistake.

The restaurant has also removed the ability to label tables with descriptions on receipts.