Two Courageous Bystanders Help Cop Arrest Possible ISIS Terrorist In Texas

A Texas police officer who was nearly overwhelmed by an aggressive suspect with possible ties to ISIS managed to make the arrest thanks to two courageous bystanders who helped him out. The suspect, 22-year-old Wahib Sadek, faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assaulting a public servant. 

The Arlington School Resource Officer was on his way to the police station when he was flagged down by two citizens and warned of a possible aggravated assault by Sadek, who was believed to be carrying a weapon.

After a brief search, the officer tracked down Sadek’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Sadek got out of the vehicle and began to approach the officer, refusing orders to stand down. The two eventually got into a brawl, with the officer attempting to subdue Sadek with a taser.

Suddenly, two onlookers jumped into action and helped the officer get Sadek into custody. During his arrest, Sadek claimed to be affiliated with the terrorist group ISIS, and a search of his vehicle turned up a number of firearms and other weapons. 

The FBI was alerted due to the possible ISIS ties. So far, Sadek has not been found to have any legitimate connections to the terrorist organization, however he also faces a charge of harassment of a public servant for spitting on a police officer that arrived at the scene.

Source: PoliceOne