Vladimir Putin Now Owns A Pet Tiger, You Read That Correctly

Russian dictator, er, President Vladimir Putin has become an interesting leader in a relatively short amount of time. That’s a nicer way of saying “total douchebag.” He’s turned his nation into some kind of autocracy that can take over other regions whenever wants to, oppresses its citizens and pretends to be a democracy while it’s really just run by an overlord with an inferiority complex. If that isn’t enough proof that Putin’s become some kind of James Bond villain, then check this out: He has his own tiger. And named him Ustin.

Putin took charge of Ustin the tiger after it was found near the Chinese-Russian border two years ago. His people nursed the tiger back to health, taught it to hunt like a tiger and eventually released it back into the wild. Putin even held a special ceremony to celebrate the tiger’s release back into the wilderness because he’s Putin and he thinks he’s the Tiger Whisperer now or something.

Apparently, Ustin is about to cause some serious diplomatic problems for Putin since it killed at least five goats in China. Two of them were found with puncture wounds “the size of a human finger” and three more are missing. Frankly, we think they taught it to swim and will eventually head to America like Predator 2. Just a theory though.

Some are saying the tiger is just being a tiger. We say that he’s taking after his master.

by Danny Gallagher

source: The Atlantic