Because Cats Hate Censorship: Vladimir Putin And Kim Jong-un Scratching Posts

The world is full of douchey tyrants, and you can’t get much douchier than Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. They run their countries like giant, spoiled children who take away the controller away from whoever they are playing with if they don’t let them pick up the spreader gun in Contra. The only difference is the dispute usually involve real guns and the person they are whining about loses a lot more than a NES controller. Hell, they’re lucky if they get to keep their thumbs.

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Both of these world leaders have been trying to squash domestic dissent by clamping down on free speech and an open Internet. An advocacy group called The Pussycat Riot that uses the awesome power of cats to raise awareness of free speech suppression in the cyber universe is also trying to raise money for its cause. They’ve released a new line of scratching posts in the shape of Putin and Jong-un to help cats enact the sweet revenge on these leaders.

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The scratching posts are a bit on the expensive side, but if your cat still has a hankering for expressing their disgust at geopolitical censorship, you can also buy a set of world leader cat box liners that feature the faces of Jong-un and Putin as well as Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. We could use one here the States of the FCC Chairman if the new net neutrality standards goes into effect. (Source)