Vivid Entertainment Says It Has Iggy Azalea’s Sex Tape, The Fappening Continues

Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence just exhaled a sigh of relief.

Everyone’s favorite African-American sounding white Australia female rapper may have a sex tape floating around, and porn empire Vivid Entertainment says they have it. I’m gonna go ahead and just blame the iCloud again on this one.

Vivid offered the 24-Year Old rapper literally millions of dollars in order for the porn company to officially release the video, but Azalea’s people spoke up and said that it is not her at all. More specifically they said “It is categorically not Iggy Azalea in the video in question. She has never been involved in any sexually explicit recordings.” They’re obviously trying to throw us off with that fancy “categorically” word. In fact, I’m not sure if they know what it even means. Categorically, it definitely could be her. I don’t recall her singing duets with Amy Grant recently.

Considering the recent stolen images of A-list female celebrities were said to be fakes at first, I don’t know if I believe that smoke just yet. Especially when you go back a few months and review an image that was posted online of what people believed to be Azalea’s boyfriend Nick Young and a NSFW naked woman that looks strikingly familiar to Iggy Azalea and her buttocks.


Even though the couple has since made it clear that it is not them, I can’t help but think it looks pretty similar. And if it is in fact Iggy Azalea, the tape has already been predicted to earn more than the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

So who knows. Maybe she has a sex tape, maybe she doesn’t. But I think if Vivid Entertainment is trying to offer her money for it, they may just have something.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend/Houson rapper Hefe Wine says he’s in the video and it’s definitely Iggy Azalea who was legal at the time the video was made. The footage was kept on his hard drive and was stolen two months ago while he was in Miami. A police report was not filed at the time. He also says he did not give the video to Vivid Entertainment, but at the end of the day, could be talked into allowing it to get released if the money was right (and of course if Iggy herself allowed it).

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source: Huffington Post