Young Waitress Receives This Hateful Message Instead Of A Tip

Being a waitress is one tough gig and some people, like Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs, just aren’t fans of tipping for one reason or another. One couple however decided to not only NOT tip this 18-year-old waitress but leave a hateful message to announce how they really felt as well. No, it had nothing to do with how helpful she was during their dining experience, it had to do with her the color of her skin and one hardy assumption.

After Sadie Karina returned to the couple’s table to collect the bill, she noticed the message “We only tip citizens” written on the Tip line of the restaurant’s receipt copy. Sadie however is in fact a citizen of the United States, born and raised in Virginia, but the hateful couple didn’t stop to consider not every American citizen is a white person.

Sadie’s grandparents

With her background being both Mexican and Honduran, Katie showed her grandparents the receipt after experiencing racism for the first time in Harrisburg. Her grandfather, John Elledge, decided to take this concerning receipt one step further and post it on Facebook which quickly went viral. Katie said she had an off vibe about the couple, with them not really saying a word and keeping their communication to mainly just nodding. So when she finally saw the note, their demeanor made sense.

I think if you’re so pro-white and hate nothing more than having a non-white waitress, I find it interesting that one would order a gyro sandwich for lunch, a food that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean. Oh the irony.

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