Drunk In Public Girl Is A Fraud

If there’s one thing we can count on from you, our viewers, it’s a keen eye to the truth and brutal, insulting honesty.  You were calling this video a fake within minutes of it being posted.  Turns out it so is!

Now we’re not as dumb as you might think over here, we know there’s a portion of videos that get posted that are fakes.  Sometimes if they’re really bad we’ll call them out right off the bat.  Other fakes, like Jimmy Kimmel’s infamous viral twerking video, or ones made by Nathan for You, are so good no one knows until they’re told later on.  It happens.  But terrible, obvious fake or super well done fake, we like to only post them if they’re still worth watching for the experience of seeing them.  But this Drunk in Public Girl video is something else.

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Is it lame to use actors for a “social experiment” to get the result you want?  Of course.  It makes your video useless garbage.  But what the producers of this video did (allegedly) was even worse.  Yes, the guys in the video were actors, but they weren’t told why they were acting.  They were tricked into looking like scumbags because they thought it was going to be for a joke.  Instead, the producers turned the joke on them by releasing a video that says “hey, look at these rapists!”

Now stop for a minute and imagine if literally millions of people, because this video has been seen that many times around the internet, thought you were a rapist because someone tricked you.  And the trick was so good that, to anyone watching, you did everything up to literally raping the woman in question.  How the hell would that make you feel?

This video is the worst kind of fake it could possibly be.  At a time when people are seriously and legitimately trying to discuss and be open about sexual assault, and there’s so much tension, misunderstanding and confusion  between victims, their advocates, casual observers and those men who feel any sort of #YesAllWomen discussions are an attack on them that a video like this is an insult to everyone.  It’s fake, so it trivializes the actual idea of sexual assault.  It also makes it seem like the woman, in this case a drunken dumbass, should be partially to blame for her own fate.  It insults men by presenting outright lies, taking the idea that this girl can’t help but be raped because she’s drunk and enforcing it with man after man trying to take her back to his stanky sex cave.  It insults you as a viewer by assuming you don’t need to see truth when they can ham fist you a staged result to a staged scenario that’s much more seedy and disgusting than reality.

In real life, would a drunk girl on the street get taken advantage of by dudes passing by?  Maybe.  Maybe some guys would help her find a cab.  Maybe they’d get her something to eat and a coffee so she could sober up.  Maybe they’d ignore her completely.  Maybe these guys tried to film it for real and it didn’t work the way they planned.  We don’t know now because this video opted to tell these guys they’d be in a comedy short, and if they pretended like they were going to try to get this drunk girl home with them it’d be funny.  So that’s what they did, and then they were portrayed as blatant sexual predators.

This social experiment proved one thing really well – Stephen Zhang and his crew, who made tens of thousands of dollars off of this, are deceptive scumbags.  Maybe it’s time to stop watching his videos.