Vince Gilligan Begs Fans To Stop Throwing Pizza On Real Life Walter White House

Fans of the hit meth fueled drama Breaking Bad are familiar with the iconic scene where anti-hero Walter White angrily throws a pizza on the roof of his house. Well now it seems that some fans have taken things too far and have been providing the real life house where the exteriors for Breaking Bad were filmed with unwanted roof pizza deliveries.

The home that served as the White family residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been vandalized with dozens of cheese and pepperoni slathered pizzas gooing up the roof.

Walter White’s house IRL.

While some might find this funny and a great homage to their favorite show, it’s not so funny for the nice woman and her husband who live there. This has angered Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan who while discussing the prequel Better Call Saul on a podcast pleaded with the public to stop harassing these fine folks with roof pizzas. Hear what he had to say;

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Gilligan went as far as to disown anyone who would throw a pizza on their roof, saying he does not consider them true fans of the show. Of the lady who lives in Walter White’s house he says: “She is the sweetest woman in the world and if you are getting on her nerves, you are doing something seriously fucking wrong.”

While the couple welcomes respectful fans who just want to stop by and take a picture from the street, things have escalated with people trespassing and making a cheesy mess on their house.

However these pranksters might want to think twice. “Mike Ehrmantraut” himself actor Jonathan Banks warns potential pizza tossers in full “Mike” mode; “And If I catch you doing it, I will hunt you down.”

Banks adds, “And you really have to be a spoiled kid, because what are you doing wasting pizza like that.” 

He has a really good point; I don’t think I would be able to go through with it, by the time I ordered a delicious pepperoni pie, picked it up and drove over to the house, the pizza would not be going on someone’s roof, it would be going in my mouth.

This guy tossed a pizza on the roof.

Seriously anyone who wastes a pizza on a roof is a psychopath.

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