This Village Has A Model Village In It And That Model Has Its Own Model Village

There was a mind bending theory put out recently that we all live in a Matrix style computer simulation, and that the people or entities that created the simulation of our existence ALSO live in a computer simulation. This computer simulation within a computer simulation could theoretically go on and on until you get to the top level “reality.”  

This reminds me of the computer simulation theory: In 1937 the good people of a delightful village in England, Cotswold Village of Bourton-on-the-Water constructed a one ninth scale replica of their town for visitors to walk through. And since the model of the village is in the town, they had to make a model within the model and so on…

A Reedit user posted photos of the town and its descending levels of model villages. It’s kind of like the levels of dreams in Inception but for people who like building miniatures of things. So first there is the main, “real” village.

1. Village Prime

2. Within Village Prime is a Model Village

3. Within The Model Village is a Model-Model Village

4. Which has its own Model-Model-Model Village

5. Then things get super nano as we arrive at the Model-Model-Model-Model Villageat the tip of the red arrow:

My brain actually broke trying to keep track of how many levels down we were going. My question is how do they feed the tiny people held captive here?

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Source: Imgur