This Guy Had A Viking Funeral For His Fish

The life of a pet fish seldom ends with too much glory. Be it from a hungry cat, a leaky bowl, a spoiled child dumping some crap in the tank or just plain old age, the end usually ain’t too pretty.  Then the little thing usually just gets flushed. One dude though decided to give his fish a send-off worthy of, well, a Viking.

flame fish

A Viking funeral for a fish may indeed seem preposterous, but imgur user chilly911 clearly loved the gilled-guy. “My beloved fish I had for 6 1/2 years, Peeping Tom. Aptly named because he lived in my bathroom. Livin’ his life watching people poop and shower. One day his bowl was moved out of the sunlight by my father despite specific instructions to keep his bowl in light.”

“And I came home from work the next day to find my wonderful aquatic companion dead. So, since he was such a valiant creature I decided he deserved a Viking funeral.” Here’s Peeping Tom in happier days:


What Viking funeral would be complete without a boat, tiny or not?

boat 1

The Internet may be full of trolls, but then again, so is this boat. The dragon is a nice touch as well. 


“The boat was named SS Boobies because Tom loved titties, one of the reasons he lived so long, just to watch people shower.”


“The day has come for his send off, my sister has a decent drainage ditch outside her place so We did it there. His platform was built entirely out of matches. Another reason my dad crafted the boat … He’s a bit of a pyro so he was having a great time with all this.”


Once covered up, Tom is almost ready to be fried or at least broiled. 


Fare thee well, little fish.