A City Installed Gay Friendly Crosswalk Signals To Promote Tolerance

In Vienna, the city’s council has decided to show their openness regarding same-sex relationships by replacing 120 crosswalk signals with same-sex couples, holding hands with a heart in between the two pedestrian icons. Most traffic lights show one individual either standing still or walking, but here’s an inventive way to let the citizens of Austria’s capital know that they are a-ok with your sexual preference.

Of course not all of Vienna’s politicians are into the change, thinking that the money could’ve been put to a much better use, but some are already thinking that the new traffic lights are actually celebrating the new season of a European television show called Eurovision Song Competition. Wait–what the hell is Eurovision Song Competition??

Already for some 60 years years, the Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s favorite TV show. After more than five decades featuring thousands of songs, the contest has become a modern classic, strongly embedded into Europe’s collective mind.

Apparently not only is the Eurovision show approaching it’s 60th anniversary premiering on May 19th in Europe (obviously), but the show itself has a pretty huge gay following with some thinking the traffic lights are in some ways connected. Regardless, some citizens are just not into it at all.

But then again, some citizens however are digging the new look.

What do you guys think? Would you like to have some gay friendly traffic lights in your neighborhood?

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source: Elite Daily