Three Teen Girls Arrested After This Horrific Video Of Animal Cruelty Went Viral

Three teenaged girls from Florida have been placed behind bars thanks to a viral video that showed the girls repeatedly throwing a live rabbit against a wall. The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the girls face animal cruelty charges and have been placed in a juvenile detention facility.

In the clip, which originated on Snapchat and can be viewed below, the girls can be seen taking turns with the bunny, clutching it by the throat and throwing it against a wall. Each time, the girls giggle happily and then pick it up for another throw.

Another girl can be seen kicking the rabbit as it tries desperately to get away from their clutches. 

The brutal video was posted to a Nassau County community forum Facebook page and has been shared by hundreds of users. Many commenters expressed their outrage: “How horrible! That was very disturbing,” one user wrote, while another user added, “So glad they are facing charges. They deserve it!”

No word as surfaced as to how long the girls will remain at the juvenile detention facility. In Florida, animal cruelty is punishable by a mandatory $2,500 fine and a forced psychological evaluation.

The rabbit suffers from a leg fracture but has otherwise been given a clean bill of health from Nassau County Animal Services, which will place the animal up for adoption.

(Warning: This video is very graphic. You really shouldn’t watch it. We’ll include it here simply due to the fact that it’s a newsworthy viral video that led to arrests. Please proceed with caution.)

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Source: The Florida Times-Union