Victorias Secret Left This Angel’s Pic Untouched Revealing Her One Big “Flaw”

Women and companies photoshopping the hell out of their images, depicting beautiful groups of women who look like they’ve never had a sip of booze in their lives are starting to be called out for the fakery that is what they claim to be “100% real”. Now however, the COOL thing to do is to present a photo, totally untouched, to realize you don’t have to look like a robot to be considered beautiful. And oddly enough Victoria’s Secret is jumping on that bandwagon by revealing that one of their Angel’s has…here it comes…STRETCHMARKS!

The body-positive movement is upon us, people! Or maybe Victoria’s Secret is tired of being called out for depicting women with zero wrinkles, zero strands of arm hair and tone-perfect skin. Either way, they clearly let their photo retouchers go home early because this Angel isn’t as body-perfect as what we’re accustomed to.

The crazy part about this image isn’t the fact that Victoria’s Secret is acknowledging that stretch marks aren’t at all a myth, but the fact that size negative zero Angel Jasmine Tookes is SO human, she too can have stretch marks on her butt despite eating salad in her whole life (just an assumption). In short, models ARE real people!

We better get a close up to be sure we’re not seeing things.

Beyond the affirmation that Victoria’s Secret is “into real women too”, the photo is to promote the $3,000,000 Fantasy Bra because every day people got that much scratch laying around. That’s right, $3 million bucks for a fucking bra. One thing is certain, after this election, that bra is going to be worth about $7.50 and some scratch off tickets.

Victoria’s Secret still has yet to release a statement why they’re making us look at stretchmarks. Dammit, V.S., if we wanted to look at stretchmarks, we’d just hang out at Burger King.

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