Airline Pilots Fired For Letting Playboy Model Fly Plane While Taking Selfies

It’s pretty amazing what guys will do just to make an extremely attractive woman slightly happy. Guys will hold their purses for them in public. They’ll get into fights with guys who can clearly beat them hard to make their faces unrecognizable just to defend their honor. They’ll watched “The Bachelor.” Two pilots took this troupe to an even more ridiculous extreme when they let a Playboy model take the controls of a twin-engine plane.

Victoria Xipolitakis, an Argentinian TV host who done photo spreads for Greece’s Playboy, was on a flight for the Argentinian airline Austral Líneas Aéreas when the pilots invited her into their cockpit (not that kind, sickos). Then they actually let her take controls of the flight while it was still in the air and the plane was full of people because, well, guys’ brains sometimes run on auto pilot in the presence of a pretty woman.

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They also took photos of their encounter and even recorded some videos of the incident that later became something we call “evidence.” The airline learned about their little rendezvous and fired both of the pilots who allowed the model to take control of the airplane as well as “the rest of the staff with responsibility in this event.” They also put a travel ban on the model forbidding her to fly on one of their planes for the next five years and investigations are underway to determine if criminal charges need to be filed. That’s what guys get for thinking with their stick shift.