Vibrating Bra Claims To Increase Boob Size Without Surgery In Seven Days!

Outrageous claims require outrageous proof and right now the claim “vibrating bra will increase your breast size without surgery in just seven days” sounds like something you would hear on a late night infomercial trying to take easy money from dumb people. Well, the next “miracle” product currently under medical trial tests in the United States is called the “E Bra” and it’s inventers say women will gain a full cup size just with some vibrations. You guys will definitely want to be one of the excited people clapping in the audience if they ever do an infomercial. Just look at this BEFORE and AFTER photo below!

See a dramatic difference? Her skin tone even completely changed in seven days, cool! The whole bouncing, bigger boob bra is the brainchild of Serbian inventor Milan Milic, a 30-year-old security guard and former engineering student. He was inspired to find a non-surgical way to enhance breast size when his girlfriend, Jelena Sabic said she wanted a bigger bust. Ugh, bigger boobs? Why can’t she just want jewelry like a normal woman, said no guy ever.

I have heard of women using vibrators, but I think you’re putting it in the wrong spot.

The worst thing about boob jobs is having to go under the knife. Sometimes they work perfectly and sometimes ladies are left with a sloppy chicken cutlet slipped in their breasts that starts oozing silicone in a few years and need to be forked out. So the best boyfriend ever worked hard for his woman, spending several months researching boobs and how to enlarge them without surgery. How did he finally come up with this thing?

Milic’s hard work paid off as the “E-Bra” has just been patented. After several women in Europe tried it out to successful results, women in the United States are now participating in medical trials that could approve it for sale here. Milic doesn’t want to get into too many details on how it works so everyone doesn’t start making them before he can sell them but will say:

‘It is a natural process that increases the blood circulation that is feeding the breast,’ he explained. ‘When we researched the human body, we had a theory about how we could manipulate the human body to manipulate the tissue and muscles.” 

Guys are thinking: will this work on other parts of the body?

One woman participating in the trials in Miami says her breast size when from a B cup to a C cup after wearing the vibrating bra for 15 minutes a day for seven days. So if you are in Miami and the lady on the bus next to you is vibrating… it’s not what you think.

For the American vibrating ba trials they recruited a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzheaur to independently measure and photograph the before and after shots of the trial participants growing tata’s. While he might be putting himself out of work, the good doctor confirms that bra tester Sabrina Molinar increased in size in a week. Well, I think something just increased in size.

Talking to the Daily Mail, text subject Sabrina is excited about her new boobs: ‘I was a 36B before but now I think I’d be a lot more comfortable in a C cup although I haven’t been out to buy any new bras yet. I’ve always had one breast smaller than the other because I had surgery.” 

Aside from some minor itching and discomfort during the process, the test subjects report that it is pretty painless. Most importantly the breasts stay larger and firmer and do not go back down. This whole thing has staggering implications; this could be a whole revolution in chesticles with women across the world increasing their boob size in just a week. It’s like the Singularity of sweater muffins!

Break Question Of The Day: What do you guys think? Is Milan Milic doing the Lord’s work by making a painless way for regular women to get bigger melons? Or is this all just a bunch of bunk and the only way to get bigger titties is the old fashioned way: get really fat?

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Source: Daily Mail UK