Vermont Hotel Holding Special Roadkill Dinner For Guests

Hotel room food isn’t the best fare you can get on the road. Even if it tastes great, you’re still probably paying an outrageous amount of money for it. Well, if you’re staying at a certain hotel in Vermont, the last thing you should do is complain about the food since some of it started as roadkill.

The Hotel Vermont in Burlington, Vermont will hold a special “Wild About Vermont” dinner in December that such off-beat delicacies as black bear, beaver and muskrat and some roadkill carcasses provided by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. The real kicker is that it will cost $75 a plate that will be donated to the state’s fish and wildlife department and the conservation group Lake Champlain International. so you really have no excuse to complain if your flattened squirrel tastes a little stringy.  

Chef Doug Paine says customers will be offered a choice of meat and they won’t be forced to eat anything they don’t want to but he encouraged his future customers to give them a try, which lead to this hilarious quote.

“I’m sure 90 percent of Vermonters haven’t tried beaver,” Paine says. Come to think of it, $75 isn’t a bad price now.