Man Creates Coolest Bike Ever, A Velociraptor On Wheels

Out of all of the Jurassic Park toys to exist, this is the one that really should’ve happened. Norwegian artist Markus Moestue has made what most will deem the greatest transporation ever. And I have to agree.

Combining his skills as an artist, and a random tricycle, he created this amazing Velociraptor dino-bike. Norway just gained some awesome points. Below, we actually get to see how Markus created this beast, in the case you can one-up his creation. I personally would love a Falcor bike if anyone can make that happen.

The raptor was originally created from styrofoam, The limbs, tail and head were simply glued together, so the piece itself is pretty light.

No word if Markus is selling the bike or using it to scare babies, but one fact does remain; it’s pretty damn awesome.

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source: Design Taxi, Like Cool, Elite Daily